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Every month the Community Policing Office (CPO) in partnership with the RCMP focus on one aspect of safety. Already this year we’ve had home security, vehicle security and distracted driving awareness months. Marlene Jones from the CPO recently stopped by Q101 to discuss this month’s focus.

“Biking is our safety focus for this month at the community policing office. We encourage people to consider safety as well as security,” said Jones.

“When it comes to safety we’re out in the community at events and at the schools for bike rodeos and were just sharing those rules of the roads. Bikes are covered under the motor vehicle act, so important things like helmets must be worn and staying off sidewalks,” said Jones.

While wearing a helmet seems obvious the numbers show just how important it is. Numbers from Stats Canada show that 74 percent of fatal cycling crashes involved a head injury and that 97 percent of all cyclist who died were not wearing a helmet.

“Right now, we are actively registering bikes on the ‘garage 529’ app, so that is something that discourages bike theft. New this year, we have some examples of alarms that you can put on your bike,” said Jones.  “So, much like car alarms help prevent theft of a vehicle, there are some new bike alarms out on the market that we’ve brought in and you can come and have a look at those at the community policing office or if we’re out at an event.”


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