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Aspen Planers announced yesterday that their sawmill here in Merritt was cutting back from two shifts down to one, effective Monday June 3rd.

The cuts will affect close to 200 people from workers at the mill to contractors and suppliers, with 50 positions being cut completely. The 50 workers being let go makes up a quarter of the entire Aspen Planners workforce.

“Due to the ongoing lack of access to logs, increased log costs and weakening lumber markets, Aspen Planers will curtail production and reduce operations to one shift per day starting Monday, June 3,” says Bruce Rose, Aspen Planers’ executive vice-president, in a news release.

It was stated that the changes coming to the Merritt sawmill will not affect Aspen’s other mills in Savona and Lillooet.

“As the major employer in this area, we have a responsibility to our employees, our community, and the hundreds more that depend upon Aspen Planers for their economic livelihood here in Merritt and other areas including Savona and Lillooet,” says Rose in the release. “We are a family-owned business that has operated for more than 70 years, and we will continue to seek economic opportunities that are sustainable for our company and the communities that depend upon our commerce.”


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