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Recently the School District and the local First Nation Bands have been working towards a new Local Education Agreement. SD 58 Superintendent Stephen McNiven spoke with Q101 about their continued effort to create programs that benefit the students.

“Presently we have three different Local Education Agreements and our hope is to bring those under one education agreement for all five of our bands,” said McNiven. “The fact that we continue to meet and work in that direction is a positive thing.”

Recent Indigenous graduation numbers show the continued success of what can happen when all parties start pulling the rope in the same direction.

“We have closed the gap last year and our hope is to have that happen again,” said McNiven. “(Indigenous graduation rates) which are substantively higher than the Provincial average and we’re very proud of that.”

McNiven also spoke to another document he credits with improving opportunities for students across the district.

“I would speak to two documents, one is the Local Education Agreement and then also our Aboriginal Education enhancement Agreement,” said McNiven. “Both those documents outline the work we’re doing around culture and language, wellbeing, self-worth and identity, and academic success, and all four of those things have to work together in order to provide an opportunity for our students. When I look at what’s going on in our district, we should be very proud of the work we’re doing in the area of Aboriginal education and the type of impact it’s having on our students.”


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