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It’s going to be a busy week for the Tourism Department here in Merritt next week, with tourism week, bike to work or school week and access awareness day all on the docket.

Q101 spoke with Merritt Economic Development and Tourism Manager Will George about the week ahead.

“The National Tourism week is happening May 26th to June 2nd. With Tourism Merritt here, we will be releasing a new tourism video, we have a photo contest going on and we’ll also being putting out those posting for the summer students,” said George. “As well as continue to update the information that we have on the Tourism Merritt website as well as the social media accounts, increase the number of visitors we have coming to the community and enhance their experience. Having tourism week next week fits nicely with this tourism strategy the Canadian Government just put out.”

“We have lots of initiatives going on next week to celebrate National Tourism Week. And on June 2nd we’ll have Access Awareness Day,” said George.

“In celebration of Access Awareness Day, we look at some examples in the community. If people haven’t had an opportunity to go down to the CPO (Community Policing Office) building in spirit square, we have a new ramp in here. As well there is a new ramp at the Merritt Visitor Centre at the Baillie House. It’s excellent to be able to have those in our community when last year we didn’t.”

“It’s just something for people to celebrate and to think about how we can make our community for accessible for everyone in our community,” concluded George.


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