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Weapons 1

(Various weapons seized by Merritt RCMP)   

Every weekend Q101 will revisit the most talked about stories of the week in Merritt and bring them to you all in one place. As well as my personal favourite story of the week.

This week the city was talking about a possible downtown residential development, weapons seized by the RCMP and a third cannabis producer eyeing Merritt for a possible new home.

Possible Downtown Residential Development Moved to Public Hearing

A much-needed residential development could soon be coming to the downtown core. On the table this week at City Council was a rezoning and variance permit for 1801 Coldwater avenue, on the corner of Coldwater and Chapman. 

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Merritt RCMP Showcase Seized Weapons

This week is National Police week across Canada, and with that in mind the Merritt RCMP invited Q101 down to the detachment to see some of the weapons they encounter on a near daily basis.

A common theme was present throughout the displayed weapons, that being they're legal. Or at least legal for their intended purpose.

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Bowen Island Growers Eyes Merritt

A third cannabis producer has made a pitch to Merritt City Council. Bowen Island Growers was in town on Tuesday to speak with Council regarding their proposal to bring a micro cultivation and production site to the city.

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This week my favourite story was centered around the Merritt Airport celebrating its 100th anniversary next month.

Merritt Hoping to Honour the 100th Anniversary of the Airport

On June 29, 1919 the first plane to ever land at the Merritt Airport touched down on the runway. In honour of the centennial, the City of Merritt is hoping to have a celebration.

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