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With the long weekend only hours away, many Merrittonians may be eyeing up a weekend in the great outdoors.

Merritt Fire’s Krista Minar spoke to Q101 about what those headed out into the bush need to know about fire safety as wildfire season has arrived with a bang across the region.

“We’ve had absolutely amazing weather and of course it comes with its own risk,” said Minar. “We need to remember to do things like follow any fire bans that are out there or restrictions. Of course, there is no open burning within the City of Merritt, but if you’re out in the bush you want to make sure that you completely put out that fire.”

“If you’re going out into the bush its just being mindful of how your practices might affect the environment. And then making sure you have the tools to mitigate any accident that may occur, having a shovel, having some water, some way to kind of put out the fire,” said Minar.

Minar also spoke to how you could spark a wildfire from your vehicle or ATV completely by accident.

“Vehicles as well can also cause issues if they’re exhaust is standing in tall dry grass. As you know we haven’t had a tonne of precipitation so, absolutely vehicles can play a roll in starting a fire and completely by accident,” said Minar. “Even if you’re going out ATV’ing making sure you’re complying with regulations that now require spark-arrestors are very key.”

Minar also reiterated at any point if you’re out in the bush or within city limits and see a fire to call Merritt Fire and 911 or the BC Wildfire Service at *5555.


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