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A much-needed residential development could soon be coming to the downtown core. On the table this week at City Council was a rezoning and variance permit for 1801 Coldwater avenue, on the corner of Coldwater and Chapman. Planning and Development Manager Mark Brodrick spoke to the application.

“The parcel is currently R3, which is a multi-family zone, and the request is for the R4 which has a higher number density,” said Brodrick. “So, what’s proposed is a four-story multi-family complex with 22 units in total. They’re two-bedroom units, this is for rental accommodation. The building will have an elevator and they’re also proposing a parkade.”

It was also noted that the property used to be three separate parcels of land but was recently brought together into one.

“I think this is greatly needed for the downtown core. I know a number of seniors that are looking for a project like this. They want the downtown area and yet there isn’t very many apartments going in,” said Mayor Linda Brown.

The motion on the table for Council was to move the application through first and second readings and have a public hearing scheduled.

“This looks like a great project for downtown,” begin Councillor Tony Luck. “I was really happy to see some of the flexibility that was given from the planning department on this project. I’m going to support at this point and I’m looking forward to the public hearing. I’m really excited about this development and seeing this go-ahead. This is some badly needed housing here in Merritt.”

The motion passed by a vote of 7-0 and a public hearing will be scheduled, most likely for the next regular council meeting on May 28th.

Members of the public will be given the opportunity to voice their thoughts for or against at the meeting or via a written letter.


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