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Bowen Island

A third cannabis producer has made a pitch to Merritt City Council. Bowen Island Growers was in town on Tuesday to speak with Council regarding their proposal to bring a micro cultivation and production site to the city.

Leading the presentation on behalf of Bowen was their CEO Zach Chester.

“The reason for coming is we’re interested in two pieces of land to have a cannabis operation here and we just thought we’d introduce ourselves and make sure we have your blessing to see if you’re okay with what we’re trying to do here in Merritt,” said Chester. “Our mission is to bring high quality craft cannabis flower and extracts to the legal market.”

Chester spoke to what he believes is the biggest problem facing the cannabis industry.

“There is a lack of high-quality legal cannabis, because most of the companies that are through, they’re often public companies. They’re all about stock price and having the largest square-footage facility and all about the mass-produced market,” said Chester. “The big issue with the market is there is no legal craft higher end cannabis suppliers.”

Their are two properties being looked at by Bowen, one plot of land near the airport and another on Midday Valley road.

“The properties we’re looking at are several acres. So, the question we have now is how big can we get in Merritt,” said Chester. “We could expand to quite great size here, as long as people can staff the place.”

They also spoke to list of jobs that would be created if they entered the community. The list included;

  • Quality Assurance
  • Cultivators
  • Trimmers
  • Product Processors
  • Packagers
  • Security
  • Business and Accounting Staff

The jobs varied from entry level, no experience necessary all the way up to degree needed.


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