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This week is National Police week across Canada, and with that in mind the Merritt RCMP invited Q101 down to the detachment to see some of the weapons they encounter on a near daily basis.

A common theme was present throughout the displayed weapons, that being they're legal. Or at least legal for their intended purpose.

Constable David Feller lead the presentation speaking to several the technically legal weapons, starting with bear spray.

“A couple of those canister were found in unattended bags. So, you have a child running along in a park and they pick that bag up and even if the bag just rattles around it depressing that lever, they’ll get a big cloud of OC in the face. It’s enough to incapacitate an adult, so it would incapacitate a child without an issue,” said Cst. Feller.

Cst Feller

Feller also spoke specifically to the flashlight-baton-stun weapon mix, which can be purchased by anybody over the age of 19.

“It’s a rechargeable flashlight with a foot to a two-foot-long aluminum tube, the tube on the end is comprised of a bunch of chunky metal protrusions,” said Feller. “The device it’s self is a flashlight with a 2-million-volt stun lance built into it. It’s sold as a device basically marketed for protection from wild animals. It’s designed as a defence item.

“If an individual was you use that is the commission of offense, it would quite a high-level charge against them. It would be then a prohibited device, as it would come down as a stun or conducted energy weapon. Unfortunately, when we encounter individuals with those, typically they aren’t being carried for there intended purpose,” said Feller.

“Obviously it poises a significant risk to our members,” concluded Feller.

Constable Tracy Dunsmore then spoke to encouraging the public to call Crime Stoppers if they know somebody that is known to carry a weapon. Reminding the public that they could receive money for their tips.

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