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On Tuesday night, Merritt City Council held a public hearing with regards to the proposed rezoning of the property at 3011 Thorpe avenue. The property in question was brought into the City from the TNRD back in 2010 but was never given a City of Merritt zoning classification.

The owners were looking to have the plot of land zoned inline with the surrounding properties as R2. That part of the hearing was heard and later moved forward by Council in a unanimous vote.

However, during the hearing Duncan Ross stood at the podium and pitched an interesting idea to council and the assembled public.

“It’s a unique system there, it’s a thriving eco-system which stands to be backfilled. So, I wanted to alert Council to perhaps a unique opportunity and not to miss what could be a cool and elevating venue for this town if we put our minds to it,” said Ross. “To consider a unique opportunity for a fantastic park, that is in fact already there. The topographical variations, the mature trees, this fantastic pond, the living animal life that’s drawn to that.”

Ross did mention that he had been in conversation with the property owner about his idea.

“Just to comment, previous Councils have noted the lack of public parks in that area of town, and I’d like us to consider possibilities that might help address that,” said Councillor Kurt Christopherson.

“We have an opportunity to backfill a thriving eco-system and plug seven more houses in there, and I just wonder will we be ahead. I don’t see that as a move ahead, there are other places to build another single-family dwelling,” said Ross.


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