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A rash of theft and attempted theft has hit the Merritt area.

The Merritt RCMP confirmed several reports of theft spanning this past weekend and into the work week.

RCMP Constable Tracy Dunsmore spoke about the recent robberies.

“This morning (Tuesday 14th) we’ve had about four calls of theft from motor vehicles that went on overnight. As well it looks like somebody tried to steal a truck from (a local business). Broke in and tried to punch the ignition out,” said Dunsmore. “They’re random, some in the downtown area, some that are rural, some up on the bench, they’re kind of all over.”

If four calls on Tuesday morning weren’t enough, Constable Dunsmore also spoke to some that happened over the previous weekend.

“We had a few other thefts around the community over the weekend as well,” said Dunsmore. “Some construction material was stolen from the construction up at the old Husky Station on the Airport road.”

Dunsmore mentioned that the culprits at the Husky Station did get away with metal sheeting.

“There was a break in at the bottle depot over the weekend. They did take some things, but they found the items in the back alley close by,” said Dunsmore.

“We had a report yesterday morning (Monday) from Airport road, that at sometime over the weekend, someone broke in to some vehicles at (a local business),” said Dunsmore. “They don’t believe anything was taken, it doesn’t look like anything was taken.”

“One of the towing compounds also had some license plates stolen,” concluded Dunsmore.

She spoke to criminals stealing licence plates to help them hide in plain sight with possibly stolen vehicles.

It’s also serves as another reminder to the general public to make sure your cars are locked and any and all valuables are taken inside at night.


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