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Loon Lake

During the 2017 Elephant Hill Wildfire the Fire Hall in Loon Lake was lost. While fundraising to build a new hall has been progressing nicely with money being donated from various sources including the TNRD, there was still some red tap to cut through.

Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart spoke to a bill she’s brought to the legislature floor.

“We also have another bill on the floor, it’s to amend the park at Loon Lake to allow for the Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Hall to be rebuilt,” said Tegart.

During preliminary talks with the Minister it was taught this bill would not hit the floor until the fall.

“Based on my sense of urgency and his response we’ve been able to get the bill on the floor last week, and I believe it will be passed this week, so we don’t miss this opportunity this summer to put some shovels in the ground,” said Tegart.

MLA Tegart also spoke to a concern she raised with during the housing estimates. Tegart was worried about the services that accompany supportive housing.

“They really need to ensure that those wrap-around services have the capacity to serve the people that will be going into those facilities,” said Tegart. “We may have a list of local services but whether they have room on their client list to provide the support that is needed is critically important.”

“The communities are saying we don’t want to turn housing away, we believe people need housing, but we also don’t want to put people into a situation where they don’t have the supports,” said Tegart.


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