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Bowen Island Growers will be making a presentation to council tonight (May 14th). The company that began back in 2013 as a research project has grown into a full research and development company.

The cannabis producers plan for the Merritt area includes mention of two separate properties.

“They’ve just expressed interest in our region generally and want to present to Council and I think get a little bit of a feel for their interest,” said Director of corporate Services Sean Smith.

A portion of their presentation refers to building stratified warehouse units for micro cultivation, production and nursery sites.

“Council has shown to be very development friendly here and that is a welcome thing in this particular industry, where in some communities there has been a lot of roadblocks that have been placed,” said Smith. “No surprise from our end and at the very least it’s exciting to see the interest.”

“Our location I think makes it ideal for a lot of these businesses,” added CAO Scott Hildebrand.

Further details will be available on Wednesday (May 15th) following their presentation to City Council.

Tonight’s Council Meeting begins at 7pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall. As always, the public is encouraged to attend the meeting.


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