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A possible downtown development will be before City Council tomorrow. The proposal is for a 22-unit residential development at 1801 Coldwater Avenue, at the corner of Coldwater and Chapman.

“There are some variances involved and it isn’t an extremely large lot, but it would be high density for that lot,” said Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith.

Plans submitted to the meeting agenda show the proposed project being a four-story structure with an elevator. It also specifies being a two-bedroom and multi-family rental development.

“We’re once again excited to see some development interest, particularly on the residential side. We’ve been seeing lots of commercial interest so that needs to be balanced by more residential opportunities,” said Smith.

Smith also spoke to hearing from the community about liking to see more residential developments in the downtown core. He added that those comments are especially coming from seniors.  

The development will require a public meeting if Council choses to move the zoning amendment past first and second readings on Tuesday.


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