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(Left to right, Principal Aubin, Virgil, Harneal, Ainslee, Kayden)

Five Students. One Teacher. One Principal. A pair of clippers. And a lot of hair on the gym floor for a great cause.

On Thursday afternoon the students and facility of Collettville Elementary School along with some family members filed into the gym to watch a quintet of students shed their locks in support of cancer research. In total the students raised $2100 for BC Cancer. The school is still accepting donations at the school and online if you’d like to support the cause.


(Kayden and Madame Benstead)

Kayden alone raised over $1,500.

“I stepped up because last year I lost someone special to me, and a couple of years ago I lost my best friends’ mom from cancer. Last year a little three-year-old named Macy passed away and I miss her a lot. I thought I’d do it but it feels weird now” said Kayden


(L-R, Virgil, Harneal, Ainslee, Kayden)

Virgil decided to take part in the fundraiser after losing his grandmother.

“When I see other people with cancer, I feel sad. I just wanted to do something for my community. I felt really happy today so I’m really glad I did this,” said Harneal.



“I thought some kids would be really happy if I cut my hair and make wigs out of my own hair. I thought it would make some kids happy,” said Ainslee.

Ryder a grade-1 student also took part but shaved his head the night before.

“Ryder’s nana Lil passed away when Ryder was 3-months old. So, he wanted to do it in honour of nana Lil. And we have another friend Kayla who survived cancer,” said Ryder’s mom Heather.

All of the kids mentioned how they could see this becoming a new tradition for them.

Also getting their heads shaved for the cause was Principal Rene Aubin, and Madame Benstead.


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