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This week Cannwest Development made a presentation to City Council on a possible craft or micro cannabis growing facility being developed in Merritt.

Craft Cannabis is defined as being limited to 200 square-metres of cultivation space. Cannwest CEO Sean Maloney led the presentation, starting by describing what exactly makes cannabis ‘craft’.

“Craft cannabis is specifically that it’s craft. It’s produced at a different process and level of attention than is currently typically found in the LP world. What we rely upon is the BC famous cultivation expertise that has been producing high level craft cannabis for the last number of decades,” said Maloney.

Maloney who used to work in economic development, explained the economic benefits of the development.

“The jobs are significant, and I can tell you that after 35 years in the economic development business, I’ve never seen any other economic development model as buoyant or as demonstrative as cannabis,” said Maloney.

“Here’s the thing about cannabis, it pays well. It’s not a seasonal job, it’s not tourism, it’s not based on whether snow falls or not. It’s based on the value of the commodity you produce and that commodity we feel is price stable,” said Maloney. “In fact, the product that craft cannabis cultivators produce fetches a significantly higher price on the market.”

The company is looking at a plot of land currently owned by the five local first nation communities which is situated beside a sub-station.

“This potential lot is unique for a number of very significant reasons. Above and beyond the economic development advantages of the Nicola Valley and the fact that it’s owned by five first nations that have an equity position in the land. It’s immediately adjacent to the sub-station so, for that and no other reason really it’s significant,” said Maloney.

While the growing would take place here in Merritt, Cannwest’s target market is overseas.

“Our market is not intended to be the local market, our market is export driven for European sales and particularly with research and development with German pharmaceuticals,” said Maloney.

“In a nutshell what we’re looking for is some guidance,” concluded Maloney. “We’re are looking for some guidance here, we have a unique situation where we have a small parcel of land that is designated C4 highway commercial. It would be folly on our part to undertake a significant capital outlay for due diligence and to support an investigation for development with first having a reading of how the municipality would feel and how the city would feel about that.”


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