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Tyner Family 2019

(The Tyner family; from left to right Richard, Jennifer and Jack)

This morning (March 19th) the Southeast Major Crime Unit released the following news with regards to the Ben Tyner Investigation being ruled suspicious.

Investigators from the Southeast District Major Crime Unit (SED MCU) and Merritt RCMP have been working hard to determine what led to Ben Tyner’s sudden disappearance in late January.

Tyner was reported missing to the Merritt RCMP on January 28, when his rider-less horse was discovered on a logging road off Highway 97 near Winnie Flats. Following his disappearance, RCMP, Search and Rescue, Air Services, Police Dog Services, and Volunteers combed the area, on foot, in vehicles, on snowmobiles, horseback, helicopters and utility vehicles, sadly Mr. Tyner was not located.

Early on investigators from the SED MCU were called to support the Merritt RCMP’s investigation, these investigators can now confirm that Mr. Tyner’s disappearance is being investigated as suspicious.

“Sometimes at the onset of an investigation there are pieces that don’t quite fit and while there is nothing definite, they warrant further investigation,” said BC RCMP Media Relations Officer Sgt, Janelle Shoihet. “Now having had the opportunity to review all the pieces, we believe that the circumstances surrounding Mr. Tyner’s disappearance may involve criminality.”

The investigation remains a priority for the SED MCU and the Merritt RCMP. In order to protect the integrity of this active and ongoing investigation, no further details can be provided.

Anyone who has information about Mr. Tyner’s disappearance is asked to contact the Merritt RCMP at 250-378-4262 or SED MCU Tip Line at 1-877-987-8477.

Q101 reached Sgt. Janelle Shoihet for comment and she added the following.

“After almost two full months of investigating they have made a determination that Mr. Tyner’s disappearance is indeed suspicious. Initially there wasn’t enough to make that determination, but after putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, they now have determined that something isn’t quite right. There’s nothing in particular that we can speak to as far as specific information. But we can certainly say that now that having had an opportunity to review all the materials, look at all the evidence, that they’re pretty confident that Mr. Tyner did not disappear by his own means, and that there’s criminality related to his disappearance,” said Sgt. Shoihet.


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