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During the last regular council meeting, Merritt City Council voted in favour of moving forward with the Tourism Asset Mapping Inventory. The information for the inventory was collected through public consultation late last year.

While at council the initiative seemed to get quite convoluted, the city’s Economic Development and Tourism Manager Will George explained the initiative to be actually quite simple.

“It is part of the economic development action plan,” said George. “We’ve hired a consultant to create the inventory itself. Someone will be able to look through this and see a list of all the accommodations, the number of rooms and beds. Looking at the sporting, event and meeting facilities.”

George mentioned that it will be a huge asset to city staff to assist with drawing new businesses and events to Merritt.

The inventory once complete stands to be a huge benefit to the community in allowing people and companies alike to easily lookup what Merritt has to offer and maybe what they have to offer Merritt.

“We are not saying that there is one particular tourism business that we’re trying to attract. We’re saying this is where we are, then when we have those individual conversations, then we can see exactly the audience we’re talking to, the venue we’re at and present out the information that’s tailored to them,” said George.

George traded hats from his tourism perch to economic development to speak to the inventory drawing in future business to the city.

“The inventory will be used as a resource that the city can send to businesses that are looking to relocate to Merritt, in order to show what the niche tourism business market are in Merritt,” said George.

George expects the inventory to be up and available in the coming days.


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