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School District 58 Nicola-Similkameen made a change to procedure this year by opening French immersion enrollment earlier and they’re reaping the rewards. Assistant Superintendent Jameel Aziz spoke to current state of enrollment in the kindergarten program.

“We changed this year our registration process for French Immersion kindergarten. We went to a little bit earlier. We have 31 spaces available for French immersion kindergarten and I believe we have 25 or 26 current registrants.” 

Aziz does expect the remaining spots for September to be filled in do-course. But did mentioned a few of the problems the board is facing.

“Some people don’t necessarily connect to the typical media pieces. They may not listen to the local radio, may not engage in reading the local newspaper and they may not go to our website. And if you’re a brand-new parent you may not even know that you’re suppose to access those pieces,” said Aziz. “We’re fairly confident that Collettville will be full.”

Superintendent Stephen McNiven did mention that they plan to continue their new format of opening the French Immersion enrollment prior to the general enrollment.

Registration for general kindergarten is also now open.


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