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Maruis Auer is a grade 12 student here in Merritt and for the last few years he has been spearheading a proposal to form a Youth Advisory Committee.

The stated mandate of the Committee would be to act as a resource to City Council on issues affecting youth in Merritt. To provide a youth perspective on community issues. And to encourage youth understanding and participation in municipal government.

Maruis spoke to Q101 about his inspiration behind the project.

“I think it was in 2016 when the Prime Minister announced his Prime Minister’s youth council and I thought that would be a good idea to have on a smaller scale here in Merritt for youth to give input to their council, to their elected officials,” said Maruis.

The committee would consist of up to 10 youth members as well as one advisor from City Council.

“I think it will benefit council for sure, because they will have a youth perspective. Another perspective is always useful no matter who it’s coming from, so you have a more informed decision making process,” said Marius.

Some of the details above may change as there is further discussion, but City Council was fully behind initiative. 

For Marius, politics have long been a focus, with him even heading off to Ottawa and Victoria for conventions in the past.

“I’ve been talking to some programs in Ottawa about doing a year internship on Parliament Hill. But afterwards a political science degree is something I’m very interested in,” said Marius.

Maruis did admit his passion for politics lays primarily at the Federal level, however mentioned the impact that Provincial and Municipal politics play in day to day life.


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