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A crazy crime spree from Kelowna to 100 Mile House ended in the arrest of a young couple. A 28-year-old man and 34-year-old women have been arrested in 100 Mile House after returning to the scene of the crime.

The couple’s crime spree began in West Kelowna where they stole a vehicle before heading into Merritt.

In Merritt, the couple stopped for gas, and while the female suspect was filling up the car, the male entered the convenience store. Upon entry he announced that it was a robbery and indicated that he has a gun, however no weapon was ever produced or observed, it was threatened.

The suspect demanded money and lottery tickets from the employee who cooperated. After opening the till the employee fled the building and locked the culprit inside the store. Once the suspect realized he was locked in, he broke a window with a microwave and the couple escaped.

The couple then headed toward 100 Mile House where they were involved in a motor vehicle accident with another car. After the crash they pulled the driver from the other car and proceeded to steal that car.

The couple was finally arrested when they returned to the scene of the second car jacking because they forgot something in their first stolen vehicle.

The young couple are being held in custody while Crown Counsel reviews the events from Kelowna, Merritt and 100 Mile House to determine what charges are going to be laid.


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