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Earlier this morning (Tuesday March 12th) the Merritt Fire Department responded to a report of a hazmat situation at Safe-On-Foods. Upon arrival crews found a thick layer of fog inside the store.

Fire Chief Dave Tomkinson briefed Q101 on the situation.

“We had a refrigerant leak in the store. When we arrived the store was already evacuated,” said Tomkinson. “We couldn’t identify the type of the refrigerant in the beginning, so we just cordoned off the area, kept it safe to the public."

Chief Tomkinson did confirm there were no injuries.

“Now that we’ve identified the actual product, we're able to ventilate the building,” said Tomkinson.

The public is asked to stay clear of the area for the next couple of hours as crews complete their work at the scene.

A refrigeration specialist is on scene and working to fix the problem.

Save-On-Foods will remain closed for the time being.


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