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City hall

Tonight at 7pm the City of Merritt will be holding a general council meeting.

On the docket for tonight's meeting is a presentation from the Anhart Community Housing Society.

One of the biggest problems the City of Merritt is facing is the lack of residential developments and more specifically affordable housing. Two weeks ago, Council heard a proposal on the Walters street development, which is now being adjusted by the developers.

This evening Council will hear from Anhart. Director of Corporate Services for the City of Merritt Sean Smith spoke about the proposal.

“I think there has been a lot of discussion in the community about a potential development near the Comfort Inn area,” said Smith. “So, Anhart is going to be coming to talk to council about the results of one of their surveys and the potential for what their build up at that site might actually look like.”

It is important to note that this is Anhart’s initial contact with Council, so things are still at the beginning stages.

“The plan is to have a 78-unit two building development of some form on that four-acre property that they see potentially being ideal for seniors, family, youth,” said Smith. “Right now, there just wanting to make that first point of contact to discuss what their view and vison for the property is.”

For more information on any of the items of tonight’s council meeting head to

As always members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting in the Council Chamber at City Hall.


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