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Tomorrow (March 12th) at 7pm the City of Merritt will be holding a regular council meeting. On the docket for the meeting is a youth advisory council presentation.

The idea, being spearheaded by a local student in Merritt is to form a Merritt Youth Advisory Committee. Director of Corporate Services for the City of Merritt Sean Smith spoke about the proposal.

“We are really excited to see this imitative being taken by a youth in our community, to try an encourage other youth to get involved in the political scene and try to make a difference in the community,” said Smith.

The City is working along with the School District on the venture.

“Trying to look at this committee as being a potential for credits for graduating, as a volunteer program. So, we have to kind of fit it to what the school district wants at this point,” said Mayor Linda Brown.

While the final details could be different the Youth Advisory Committee would act as resource to City Council on issues affecting youth in Merritt. As well as provide a different perspective on community issue, all while encouraging youth to get involved with the municipal government.

For more information on the council meeting head to

As always members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting in the Council Chamber at City Hall.


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