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Ranch Stock

Today is Canada Agriculture day. While farmers continue to be the back bone of many small and rural communities, two new measures from the Provincial Government are set to make it harder for those farms and businesses to survive.

Local MLA Jackie Tegart spoke to Q101 about her and her constituents concerns about bill-52 taking ranches and farms back to a one zone system.

"Rancher and farmers from the rural areas were telling us, that its very difficult to make a living just on the ranch,” said Tegart. “People are concerned about where the lack of flexibility is going to go and what it will mean to them.”

Tegart continued to say that bill-52 will reduce the ability for small farms and business to survive, by limiting their sources of income.

The Employer Health Tax is another potential issue MLA Tegart sees affecting those in agriculture.

“We were doing some tours throughout the ridings,” began Tegart. “Hearing concerns in regard to changes made to agriculture and agriculture land reserve. Concerned about the Employer Health Tax and whether that will affect our farming community.”

Jackie Tegart is in Victoria, BC for the throne speech later today, which begins the next session at the Legislature.

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