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(The Murray United Church as it looked this past year before a fire destroyed the 143-year-old building on Jan. 11 )

Efforts to rebuild the 143-year-old Murray United Church which was destroyed by an arson fire last month are underway. Director Jack Polmans of the Trinity United Church Board of Directors in Merritt says the decision was made yesterday at their annual general meeting.

“The congregation had a long discussion on it, and if the community can raise the funds we’re certainly willing to have a new court built,” said Polmans.

 About 200-thousand dollars will have to be raised, but people for various committees are needed first.

“We need a fundraising committee, building committee and a publicity committee,” stated Polmans. “So, we need people now to get together and start the project.”

Continuing to say work on rebuilding the historic old church likely won't begin this year. Likely all the work done at the church this year will consists of a clean up effort.

The work on the new church will not begin until all the money needed is raised.


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