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With numbers on the decline in recent years, the Merritt Fire Department is conducting a recruitment campaign over the next few months in hopes of bolstering the number of on-call firefighters available to the city.

In an interview with Q101 News, Merritt Fire Department Chief David Tomkinson said that over the years the number of firefighters has dwindled for a variety of reasons.

“There are all sorts of reason why people leave the department, “Tomkinson explained. “Some leave because they find work while others leave because they move onto paid career positions in larger fire departments.”

Tomkinson hopes the latest recruitment effort garners about a half dozen people which would bring the compliment of members available to Merritt to just over 40.

“There is always a need for paid on-call firefighters,” he added. “So, we will be stepping up our efforts over the next few weeks.”

  The Fire Chief noted that there are certain criteria that needs to be met, to become a member of the department.

“You must be 19 years-of-age, with no criminal record and you must be physically fit,” said Tomkinson. “The number one thing that you need is the time to dedicate to the department.”

Application forms are available on line, or at the Merritt Fire Hall on Nicola Avenue.


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