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MOnica Jack


A defence lawyer for a man who was recorded confessing to the murder of a 12-year-old Nicola Valley girl more than 40 years ago says he was a victim of a ``very sophisticated, very focused psychological manipulation'' by police.

Patrick Angly told jurors in closing arguments Friday in B-C Supreme Court that a police officer posing as an organized crime boss provided and promised inducement to Garry Handlen during a so-called Mister Big operation.

Handlen has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder of Monica Jack, who disappeared in 1978 while riding her bike near Quilchena.

However, the Crown has argued that Handlen was not a ``yes man'' who would have admitted to a ``horrible crime'' that he didn't commit, and he didn't depend on the supposed criminal organization for money or companionship.

Jack was last scene on May 6th, 1978 when she riding her bike along Hwy 5A. Despite an intense search, Jack's body was not discovered for another 17 years. 

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