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( One of the many placards used in the first Yellow Vest Movement protest held in Merritt in December: contributed photo)


The local chapter of the Yellow Vest Movement is hoping their second protest in the city will give residents insight to what their organization is all about and ultimately garner support on a grassroots level.

The Merritt Yellow Vest protest will gather at Merritt City Hall on Friday in hopes of gathering more interest from the community as well as get their mantra heard.

“The bottom line is we want to take our country back and restructure how we are governed in Canada,” Greg Vanosch said in an interview with Q101 News. “The Trudeau government or any government for that matter is not working for Canadians right now and things have got to change.”

The Yellow Vest Movement started in Paris, France in 2018 to protest taxes and fuel prices in that country. But unlike their counterparts in Europe, Vanosch added their protest will be peaceful.

“This will be a non-violent protest,” he noted. “Yes, we want our voices heard but will not go that route.”

At least eight people have died during the protests held in France since the Yellow Vest demonstrations began.

While the current membership of the local Yellow Vest movement is in its infancy, Vanosch points to issues such as the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Canada’s dependence on foreign oil as sticking points with area residents, that could increase their support.

“Right now, our group is small, but we are hoping more people will get involved this time around,” said Vanosch. “The reality is we need to let our voices be heard that “enough is enough”.

In recent weeks, similar protests have been held across Canada including Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto.

The protest will be Friday morning at 10 a.m. at Merritt City Hall.

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