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The BC government has announced a new climate-change strategy that will require buildings, homes and vehicles to be more energy efficient in the coming years. 
Premier John Horgan says floods and wildfires are an indication of how climate change has impacted BC, where zero-emission vehicles will be mandated by 2040.
"And, we are going to make them more available, and more affordable as a result. We are not anticipating that the public will be able to make the transition on their own. We believe government working with industry, working with the auto sector and working on our transportation issues when it come to public transportation, we believe we will be able to make this transiiton that is not debilitating for regular people."
Horgan says some Indigenous communities have already shown climate-change leadership, including here in the Nicola Valley, where solar panels were installed on the roof of the Lower Nicola Indian Band school in 2016. 
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