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The province is looking into how the Guichon Creek watershed can be better managed.
Ministry of Transportation regional manager Trent Folk confirms a study of the Guichon Creek watershed has been commissioned and will be conducted over the coming months.
After two straight years of flooding, it's hoped the study will help the province, TNRD and Lower Nicola Indian Band better understand the characteristics of the Lower Nicola waterway, right from the Mammette Lake Dam down to the 10-mile bridge on Hwy 8.
"It will look at land-use and historic flows. And, the pieces that will come from that will focus on design flows and volumes and will give us a better overall understanding of the watershed. Over the past couple years there has been a lot of sediment that has been transported downstream due to the high flows and it has presented challenges to the highway infrastructure. Hopefully, it gives us a better understanding of what we can expect to see in the future."
Folk says the study is expected to be completed before the Spring.
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