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Temporary diking installed to control flooding along Guichon Creek will be removed in the coming weeks.

Regional Water Management section head Trevor Bohay confirms the piles of dirt constructed during states of emergency the last two years along the Lower Nicola waterway must be removed.

It's not what many residents’ living along the Guichon Creek want to hear, but because the temporary diking was not built to standard it presents a safety risk.

"The Local Government Act and Emergency Protection Act states it is the local government that protects its people. And the way the district would protect its people would be to strike up a service area, and they are not willing to do that. The province isn't going around building dikes to protect people living in flood plains. It's our contention that flood plains should be left to function as flood plains."

If residents along Guichon Creek want diking, Bohay says they will likely need to form their own service area; which is unlikely due to the substantial costs associated with doing so.


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