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Busiest quarter ever for the City of Merritt's Baillie House.

Tourism manager Will George says 13,294 visitors stopped at the visitor information centre in the third quarter of 2018, up more than 27% from last summer.

With the BC Visitor Centre at Exit 286 closing in 2018, the increase was expected, and George believes adequately handled by the city.

"This year was a trial run to see what worked and didn't work. We'll review the findings ahead of 2019 and determine what is needed. And, not only at the Baillie House, but with all the other tourism programs we have in place."

George says staff and volunteers at the Baillie House have noted that restaurants, sports stores and the Nicola Valley Museum are also experiencing an upswing in visitor traffic and sales since the start of 2018.

During the third quarter, the Merritt visitor information centre was open for 736 hours and all statutory holidays.


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