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Lower Nicola resident concerned with plans to remove diking along Guichon Creek.

Andy Schindler's home of more than 25-years backs on to Lower Nicola waterway.

Flooding in 2017 wiped out his hobby farm, and if not for preventative diking this year, his property would have been the victim of flooding again this past spring.

At a meeting with the province back in August, he says residents along the river were told that diking would be removed before winter, as it was not built to regulations.

That has yet to occur, and as far as Schindler is concerned, the province should not only leave it in place, but build it up further to prevent flooding in future years.

"I think personally they should do some more reinforcement on the temporary diking we have now. they already have them in place, why not just use that instead of removing them and starting over. The cost alone makes it the right move."

Should the diking be removed, Schindler believes it will not only lead to further flooding on his and neighbouring properties, but also downstream at the bridge along Hwy 8 needed to travel into Merritt.


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