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City of Merritt rescinding bylaw that prevents temporary occupation of an RV on residential properties.
Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith says the policy was originally put in place during the former Merritt Mountain Musicfest, which drew thousands of visitors to the city.
With the festival no longer operating the city recognizes the need for residents to accommodate guests in recreational vehicles on a short-term basis.
"It was put in place to accommodate for wild influxes of RV's coming into town and hooking up in people's backyard. So, we were trying to keep a hold of that at the time. Since the festival we have not been issuing permits under this policy. But, if someone wants to come and have someone stay on their property, its not something the city is overly concerned about."
Permits will for guest recreational vehicles will now be issued at no charge for a maximum of a two-week period, with no more than three permits allowed to be issued in a calendar year to any one residence.
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