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Former Merritt Mayor seeking re election.

Defeated following two terms in office back in 2014, Susan Roline is throwing her hat back in to the ring.

"I don't believe in laying down and forgetting about things I have been passionate about for the majority of my life. My commitment to the community is pretty evident. I don’t stop helping where I can and being involved where I can. And, I have paid close attention to the goings on of Council, and the different things that affect the city. So, I am declaring my intention to become mayor again."

Roline, who worked in the banking industry for over 40-years, is not identifying any specific issues to start her campaign, choosing rather to say she wants to focus on all current issues that need resolving.

She is the third candidate to declare their intentions to run for Mayor of the City of Merritt.

Incubent Neil Menard, and Councillor Linda brown have previously made their intentions public.


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