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Two-term School District 58 trustee not seeking re election.

While he's thoroughly enjoyed the last seven-years, Tim Kroeker says its time to let somebody else take the reigns.

"It's just time. I've sort of lost that initial passion I had when I was first elected. So, its time to step away. And, there are certainly other capable people of taking over. And, who knows, maybe running again in the future is something I may consider."

Kroeker is very complimentary of the others on the board during his two-terms, especially his fellow representatives from Merritt.

"We were always able to discuss, and debate things in a professional manner. When I look at some of the other boards we dealt with over the years, that certainly was not always the case."

With Kroeker stepping aside, there will be at least one new school trustee representing Merritt in the district.

The other current trustees Gordon Swan and Brian Jepsen are once again seeking re election.


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