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Logger Sports Show becoming an annual tradition in Merritt.

The third annual show to celebrate forestry in the Nicola Valley unofficially kicks off this afternoon at Central Park.

Organizer Jim Beckett says carvers will again be competing throughout the weekend, as well several other smaller competitions, in additon to the presentations and displays from local industry partners.

"We're looking forward to a bigger, better show. In year one, there was just a few of us to get this event off the ground. Since, local support has grown, which has allowed us to as well."

Aspen Planers is among the industry partners that has helped grow the event.

For Woodlands manager Jerry Canuel its a chance show how much the forestry industry benefits the region.

"We do rely on forestry. There's also ranges, ranching and mining, but forestry is a huge part of the economic program is forestry. And, it's nice to celebrate it, and show what we do to the people of our community."

CLICK HERE for the complete list of events taking place at the Logger Sports Show this wekend.


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