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City of Merritt adding another mural to the 'Walk of Stars'.

Tourism manager Will George confirms the city will use $10,000 of a recently acquired grant from the Rural Dividend program to add another portrait of a country music legend downtown.

"Instead of just picking a random artist. We've decided to open it up to suggestions. That's the where the social media post on Tourism Merritt comes into play. And, we've seen some excellent suggestions. We have probably already had 50 comments, from people saying they want this person, or that person as a mural."

The mural will be painted by Michelle Loughery, the same artist that painted the existing murals in the city between 2005 and 2012 as part of an initiative that provided at-risk Indigenous youth with trades skills and created public art for the community.

While the exact placement is still being decided, George expects the new mural to completed before winter.


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