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Crown Counsel deciding not to pursue charges against man who admitted to historical house fire in Merritt.

Merritt RCMP Sgt Derrick Francis of the GIS Section says a warned statement was given by a male suspect earlier this year in relation to a residential fire on Midday Valley Rd back in 2015.

While he can't say much, Francis says the decision not to pursue charges was not based on the investigation.

"There is a bunch of reasons why Crown Counsel chose not to pursue charges that I can’t get into. The investigation was fine. It's more to do with the person, and where they are at, and how they are doing. They don't want to disrupt that."

The suspect, who can not be named, was in jail on an unrelated matter at the time of the confession.

Despite not being charged with this crime, Francis says he remains in custody charged with other criminal acts.



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