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Improvements to the Coquihalla's Box Canyon chain-up area complete.

The new chain-up area on Hwy 5 will significantly increases capacity for trucks south of the summit.

According to the federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities François-Philippe Champagne the stretch of highway sees an average of 11,800 vehicles daily, and 29% of those are transport trucks.

"These new chain-up and chain-off areas, along with the important lane improvements, will create a safer, more reliable and efficient corridor for travellers and trade during the winter months. Our government is proud to support projects that support economic development, while improving traffic-flow and driver safety."

The new, expanded chain-up is roughly 25,550 square metres and is able to accommodate more than 70 commercial vehicles at the same time, more than five times the previous capacity.

The $17.6-million expansion also includes new deceleration and acceleration lanes to make it easier for truck drivers to safely get on and off the highway.


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