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Upper Nicola Band confirming presence of invasive fish in Douglas Lake.

Councillor Brian Holmes says sampling this spring by the province shows that Yellow Perch have reached as far as Douglas Lake, but still yet to make it to Nicola Lake.

"I've seen sampling in Douglas Lake that confirms their presence. The good news, at least for now, is last week we did some sampling on the north and south end of Nicola Lake, and we didn't catch any yellow perch in the nets. That is positive, but the threat still remains."

The invasive fish were first discovered in Windy Lake and Little Windy Lake west of Kelowna in 2016, but a fish kill failed to stop their spread further down the Nicola River system.

Holmes says both Douglas and Nicola lake serve as a primary source of fish for the Upper Nicola Band, and sampling will continue over the summer.

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