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Public to have a say on whether a recreational cannabis dispensary will be able to operate within the City of Merritt.
Director of Corporate Services Shawn Smith says the rules surrounding the power to veto a potential business license for a dispensary looking to operate in the City of Merritt have been established by the province.
The licensing guide was provided last week, and mirrors the process of opening a liquor store, which also includes some form of public consultation.
"The province has made it clear, if the local government says no, then nobody is going to be getting a provincial license. So, it seems like its a fairly rigid veto power if a municipality wants to say no to a potential dispensary in any given location. It's actually stronger than I thought it would be."
Recreational cannabis is set to become legal in Canada October 17th.
The City of Merritt is in the process of amending its bylaw governing dispensaries, in order to establish guidelines surrounding both where they can operate, and how many licenses will be issued.
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