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Thieves targeting several trailers in the Merritt area.

Merritt RCMP Cst Tracy Dunsmore says the break-ins occurred sometime over the weekend of September 15th and 16th.

Luckily, nothing of real monetary value was taken.

"Some were off Hwy 97C. Sheds, trailers and motor homes that were stored out there were hit. They all seemed to be at summer properties. And, then there was one out on Hwy 5A, where a shed was broken into."

There are no suspects, and Dunsmore says it's unclear if any, or all the break-ins are linked.

Anyone with information about these, or any other break-ins are asked to contact Merritt RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


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Next review board hearing for murderer Allan Schoenborn set.

Schoenborn is scheduled to appear before the BC Review Board again, November 7th at Colony Farm Forensic Psychiatric Hospital.

Dave Teixeira, who speaks on behalf of his ex-wife, indicates the hearing is scheduled for one day.

"What we don’t know is what he is asking for. In fact, we often don’t know what he is looking for in terms of freedoms until he gets into the hearing room. So, we are kind of on pins and needles waiting to see what he will ask for this time."

Schoenborn was convicted of first-degree murder for killing his daughter and two sons in their Merritt home back in 2008 but found not criminally responsible because of a mental disorder.

He remains eligible for day passes from the forensic psyche unit in Coquitlam, where he continues to reside, and will continue to recieve annual review hearings.
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The union representing thousands of Canada Post workers says it will stay at the bargaining table, averting a potential strike.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has announced it will not issue a 72-hour notice of job action, giving the Crown agency's negotiators an opportunity to address the union's demands, which include higher wages and better working conditions.
Both sides have been bargaining for separate collective agreements over the past nine months.
Negotiators were facing a Wednesday deadline of 12:01am eastern time for a possible strike or lockout after conciliated talks failed to reach a deal earlier this month.
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Health Advocacy Group of the Nicola Valley soliciting the province for walk-in clinic in the City of Merritt.
Councillor Kurt Christopherson sits on the steering committee and says during meetings with the province earlier this month at the annual UBCM convention talks surrounding a local walk-in clinic took place.
He says the conversations revolved around a one-stop shop, featuring a nurse practitioner and numerous other services.
"Whether that is applicable for a community the size of Merritt still needs to be determined, as they are also talking about a regional approach. That won't fill our bill here if they build it in Kamloops, and they may as well not pursue that line. But, if there is something that can be done in the community, and people can be serviced here, that's what we are interested in."
Christopherson says a walk-in clinic would help ease congestion at the Nicola Valley Hospital and Health Centre.
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Locals hoping to put Merritt on the craft brewing map.

Kyle and his wife Kelly Hall are in the process of opening a craft brewery at 2190 Voght St.

Should they receive the necessary approvals from the province, and a zoning variance from the city, he's hopeful it will be open early next year.

He is currently developing several different beers for it, including German pilsners, sours, heppavisons and radlers.

"It will feature beer made with local ingredients, local hops and honeys and those types of things. Really when it comes to the craft brew market its really a no-holds barred as far as styles are concerned, as its really just about what people want. I've been brewing for 25-years but on a private basis, but now its time to go pro, and move to the next level."

Hall says the goal of the proposed brewery is to give residents and people that visit another option for entertainment, and not to directly compete with local bars and restaurants. 


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