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Two weeks ago, Bayshore Minerals made a presentation to City Council regarding their mine site between Merritt and Kelowna along the Connector.

The small mining company is hoping to begin extracting the product from their site East of Merritt sometime in late 2020.

The claim was originally mined back in the 1980s and ‘90s, with close to 50,000 oz of gold being extracted.

During the presentation, COO Grant Carlson asked for a letter of support.

One of the possible issues raised during the meeting was the impact of more trucks passing through town.

Bayshore is proposing to truck their material to the old Craigmont mine site, resulting in approximately six trucks a day passing through town.

“Our roads can handle it, is what we’ve heard,” said Mayor Linda Brown.

Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith reiterated that staff is not concerned about the trucks.

The letter of support will be debated on Tuesday.


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(Photo – Gian Cavaliere/twitter)

Over the weekend, the MSS Panthers Senior Girls, and Boys basketball teams hosted a 16-team tourney.

The event is the second of three Eagles Perch Tournaments taking place this month, the juniors have already played, and the grade-8 squads will take centre stage next weekend.

Like the previous events, the tournament began with some traditional drumming and a welcome song.

Boys Results-

  1. Kelowna Sec.
  2. South Kamloops Sec.
  3. Summerland Sec.
  4. Merritt

Girls Results-

  1. Kelowna Sec.
  2. Fulton Sec.
  3. Merritt


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Ben Tyner FB

On January 26, 2019, around 2:00 pm, Ben Tyner was last seen.

It was not until two days later that he would be reported missing when his horse was located alone by loggers in the area.

What followed was an extensive, week-long search that turned up no trace of the Wyoming Cowboy, who had been working at Nicola Ranch.

Tyner’s family came to Merritt to join the search and on February 13th made an emotional plea to the community for information.

“If you have any information that can lead to us finding him, no matter how insignificant it might seem, we would be so truly grateful,” plead Tyner’s Mom Jennifer. “To say that we are heartbroken is an understatement.”

With emotion ringing through her voice she continued to read from a prepared statement.

Tyner Family 2019

(The Tyner family; from left to right Richard, Jennifer and Jack)

“Our hearts are shattered, and our lives have been thrown into turmoil. We feel that we are only shells of the people we were before our son Ben Tyner went missing over two weeks ago,” she said. “To think that I will never again see his smile or hear his infectious laugh. Never see him realize his dreams, never have him wrap his arm around me again, it's unthinkable.”

Just over a month later, on March 19, the RCMP would rule Tyner’s disappearance suspicious.

Now, on the somber anniversary of the last day Tyner was seen, the RCMP has provided a brief update on the case.

“The investigation into the disappearance of Ben Tyner continues, being diligently led by the Southeast District Major Crime Unit. To date several investigational avenues have been explored, however in order to protect the ongoing investigation police are unable to share those findings publicly at this time,” said RCMP Cpl. Jesse O'Donaghey.

“Based on those findings to date, major crime investigators have reason to believe that criminality was involved and continue to investigate Ben Tyner's disappearance as a possible homicide,” added O’Donaghey.

With the first anniversary of his disappearance upon us, police are once again appealing to the public for tip information. Anyone with any information is urged to call their local RCMP, the Southeast District Major Crime Unit Tip Line at 1-877-987-8477 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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Fire Prevention Winner

(Contest winner Nikhil Vinoj pictured with his family, Vinoj Kumaiz, Saritha Kumari and Naditha Saritha, along with the Merritt Fire Crew)

Every weekend Q101 will revisit the most talked-about stories of the week in Merritt and bring them to you all in one place. As well as my favourite story of the week.

This week Merritt was buzzing about a new amphitheatre at NVIT, a local student winning big, and some early budget discussions at City Hall.

My favourite article of the week was a sit down with Merritt Centennial defenceman Brophy Dunne.

Amphitheatre Under Construction at NVIT

NVIT is in the process of constructing a new outdoor amphitheatre at its Merritt Campus.

Full Story

Local Student Wins Regional Fire Prevention Week Contest

Local Bench Elementary School student Nikhil Vinoj was declared the regional winner, and yesterday the Fire Department came to his school with a few special prizes.

Full Story

Early Taxation Discussions at City Hall

During last night’s budget meeting the topic of taxation was brought up in preliminary discussions.

Director of Finance Sheila Thiessen presented Council with three different scenarios for municipal taxation.

Full Story

Five Good Minutes with Brophy Dunne

If you look at the stats sheet Brophy still has a 0 in the goal’s column, but you don’t have to tell him that…his parents have it covered.

“I’m waiting for it. I’ve talked with my parents and they’re making fun of me for not scoring,” joked Brophy.

Full Story


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City Hall has released its 2019 development stats which show the number of building permits Merritt issued, their value, and the amount of fees collected over the year. The permits are also further broken down into residential, commercial, industrial and other.

Overall the City of Merritt issued 143 permits, worth just shy of $13 million, collecting $81,219 in fees. The numbers are a decrease from 2018 when the City issued 200 permits worth $16.7 million and collected $95,035 in fees.

While the 2019 numbers were a decrease from the year before the still constitute the fourth-highest year in total construction value of the past decade.

The bulk of construction this year took place in the residential realm which saw 64 permits issued, for things ranging from additions to renovations and 13 single-family dwellings or secondary suites.

There was no new commercial constriction for the fourth straight year.

One of the lone categories to see a year over year increase from 2018 was Industrial, thanks to one new construction, worth $2 million.

For the full spreadsheets visit -

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