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Ty Pozzobon Foundation launching a series of videos in a continued effort to improve the health and well-being of Western Sports athletes.
The series which starts with a video surrounding the dangerous effects of concussions is being done in partnership with the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team.
Bull rider Tanner Byrne, who was one of the Pozzobon's closest friends, says the society remains committed to protecting and supporting the health and well-being of rodeo competitors inside and outside the arena.
"We've teamed up with the proper doctors, health care professionals and sports medicine teams to get the answers we need, to help athletes in and out of the arena. So, I think these videos are a huge stepping stone to improving the lives of western sports athletes."
The Ty Pozzobon Foundation was former following the tragic death of the Merritt bull rider in 2017, which is being attributed to the number of concussions he sustained over his career.
To view the videos, CLICK HERE.
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Merritt Rivers Riparian Rehabilitation Committee providing laundry list of ideas to combat flooding in the City of Merritt.

During a Committee of the Whole meeting last night, an animated Nic Beers took Mayor and Council through the changes the society feels are necessary to lessen the threat of flooding within city limits.

He presented ideas for every area of the city, suggesting everything from diking, diverting, widening and even increasing the depth of the Nicola River.

"It's simple science. The channel has to accept and retain 65 cubic metres. It's very simple math. You can punch it into a computer and you can design every piece of the channel that way. It is the solution."

While the ideas, and willingness to work with the city are appreciated, Councillor Kurt Christopherson made sure the society understood it's not an overnight fix.

"We know there is a problem. they are man made for the most part. And, it will take all of us to work together to try and fix them."

The Merritt Rivers Riparian Rehabilitation Committee was formed following flooding back in May, with a goal of ensuring the City of Merritt take permanent action to combat flooding and repair the river system.


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Friends of the Nicola Valley questioning why those profiting off biosolids will be attending a TNRD workshop to explore alternatives to land application.

The all-day workshop takes place Friday in Kamloops at the Hotel 540.

FONV spokesperson Georgia Clement was of the opinion it was a chance for directors to explore alternative disposal/storage methods for the region's biosolids, not hear more propaganda.

"There is no need for any more testing. The results have been available for years. We know its toxic, we know its dangerous, and we know the government is playing Russian Roulette with our health because this is the lowest cost option right now, but its getting old. We saw the tobacco industry in bed with the government for years before the true science could be ignored. We are seeing the same thing here, and we are tired of it.

A moratorium signed by the five Chiefs of the Nicola Valley in 2015 has prevented the importation and land application of biosolids to the Nicola Valley.

Clement says the goal remains to develop a regional solution, with gasification or pyrolysis the current options preferred.


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City of Merritt chasing less residents for their property taxes this year.
Director of Finance Sheila Thiessen says more residents paid before the July 4th deadline this year compared to 2017. 
"We have an 86% collection rate, compared to 83% last year. To make things easier we added a number of banks that we could receive online payments this year, so people were able to pay from different banks than in the past. So, we have about 125 less accounts outstanding."
Although many residents have seen their property tax rate rise this year, Thiessen says the increase is based on their property assessments, as the City of Merritt voted in favour of a 0% increase during budget deliberations.
All in, the City of Merritt will collect close to $3.8-million in residential property taxes in 2018.
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Merritt Youth and Family Resource Society filing development variance for new home.

Executive director Lenora Fletcher confirms a development variance for the new building they are a planning at 1914 Quilchena Ave has been filed with the City of Merritt and will go for first reading at the July 24th regular meeting of Council.

The current design has seven parking spaces, instead of the 13 needed according to the city's bylaws.

"I'm of the belief it will pass. And, they are already beginning the process for setting up the setting up the modular. so, that way when the lot is ready, the modular will be brought in and set up in one day most likely."

The Merritt Youth and Family Resource Society has received over $500,000 in provincial grants to help construct their new home.

Delayed more than a year due to issues with the design, Fletcher is hopeful their it can be ready in September.


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