We are always giving away cool prizes. Get in on the action!

The following rules and regulations cover any contest, or promotion, airing on Q101. Please review them prior to participation in any of our contests or promotions.

Contest winners will permit Merritt Broadcasting to use their name, voice, and/or photo without compensation or prior notice, in broadcast or print form, strictly for promotional purposes in connection with the promotion or contest.

Entrants must provide their legal name when participating in any contest or when claiming prizes.

No purchase is necessary for any contest which requires entry at a sponsor(s) location.

All prizes awarded are non-transferable, unless otherwise noted.

Any attempt to sell any prize for the purpose of personal financial gain is strictly prohibited, and Merritt Broadcasting Ltd. shall immediately revoke prizing should this occur.

One qualifier per household per month for any regularly scheduled daily or weekly contest.

Winners of any regularly scheduled daily or weekly contest are exempt from entry in the contest again for a period of 30 days (unless otherwise stated).

One qualifier per household over the dates of any non-regularly scheduled contest.

Winner is responsible for arranging pick-up of any “dated” prizing prior to the event, or prior to the expiration date of any prize awarded.

Merritt Broadcasting will not be responsible for prize substitution in any form should the deadline for pick-up pass.

Prizing which is not dated must be picked up within 30 days of winning, or the prize shall be forfeited.

Winners will provide at least one form of valid I.D. at the time of pick-up (i.e.: valid drivers license, or a B.C. I.D. card). If a winner requires that their prize be picked up by a third party, the name of that person will be supplied to Merritt Broadcasting in advance of pick-up, and that individual will also be required to present at least one form of legal I.D.

Winners agree to indemnify and hold forever harmless Merritt Broadcasting Limited, its shareholders, directors, and employees, any agent, affiliate or sponsor partner for any injuries, accidents, or misfortunes arising from participation in any contest or event prizing.

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