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Happy Father's Day! On today's countdown, you will probably find a few songs your dad used to love. This is no ordinary countdown though, as we throw in some tracks that were popular on the charts back in the day. But of course, we also count down the top charting 25 songs in the country, and much more. Justin Bieber has snuck his way into the countdown once again, and Maren Morris and Dua Lipa ( Pictured Below) have seen great success with their new tracks. It's all coming up once more today on the Top 25 Countdown. 

The Top 25 Countdown is every Sunday Morning at 10, hosted by Q101's Tyler Cronsilver. Tune in every Sunday Morning, and enjoy your cup of Coffee, and Tyler's Top 25 Countdown. Canadian artists highlighted in red.Our countdown is based on the Billboard Canada Adult Contemporary National Airplay charts.


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  1. DUA LIPA Don't Start Now ** 1 WEEK AT NUMBER 1 **
  2. POST MALONE Circles (1) 
  3. MAROON 5 Memories (2) 
  4. THE WEEKND Blinding Lights (4) 
  5. HARRY STYLES Adore You (5) 
  6. WALK OFF THE EARTH I'll Be There (6)
  7. DAN + SHAY & JUSTIN BIEBER 10,000 Hours (7) 
  8. JP SAXE FEAT. JULIA MICHAELS If The World Was Ending (9)  
  9. LEWIS CAPALDI Someone You Loved (9) 
  10. ED SHEERAN & JUSTIN BIEBER I Don't Care (8)  
  11. RYLAND JAMES In My Head (15) 
  12. ALESSIA CARA Rooting For You (12) 
  13. ARTISTSCAN Lean On Me (13) 
  14. VIRGINIA TO VEGAS Betterman (17) 
  15. SHAWN MENDES & CAMILA CABELLO Senorita (14)   
  16. VIRGINA TO VEGAS Just Friends (15) 
  17. TYLER SHAW To The Man Who Let Her Go (16) 
  18. LADY GAGA Stupid Love (18)
  19. JONAS BROTHERS Sucker (19) 
  20. JUSTIN BIEBER FEAT. QUAVO Intentions (22) 
  21. LIZZO Good As Hell (20) 
  22. SELENA GOMEZ Lose You To Love Me (21)
  23. MAREN MORRIS The Bones (23) 
  24. KELLY CLARKSON I Dare You (24) 
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