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roger1Program Director
Morning Host

Weekdays 6a - Noon

An East-coaster who has coasted West to join us at Q101! Roger brings more than an delightful accent; listeners are treated to a sharp wit, a strong dedication to being involved in what matters in the community, and making sure Q Up Your Day listeners are up to date with the important information to make it through the morning.

With over 25 years in broadcast radio, Q101 listeners can enjoy the spoils of Roger’s experiences.  A story teller, a listener, a deep passion for the music and making sure you know what’s going on… a morning spent with Roger is a good investment for anyone who wants more out of their day!

Music Director
Afternoon Host

Weekdays Noon - 6p

Jesse’s been interested with radio from a young age; acting as the DJ while in the parents’ car. He started in the industry as a commercial writer to reach his goal to be just like Dr. Seuss (which explains a lot).  In his spare time, Jesse consumes sports, enjoys listening to diverse types of music (more funk and hip-hop style), comedy, art, and trying new food – which he shouldn’t have shared with his co-workers! 

Jesse made his way West because he believes in the radio industry if you’re willing to move. He was born in Richmond Hill, a suburb of Toronto.