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Q101's Tyler Cronsilver chats with Cheryl, the owner of the shop about how things have been for them during this time, toughest challenges, and also what she likes more.. waffles or pancakes

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Q101's Tyler Cronsilver calls up the voice of the Cents, Jared Thomas, to discuss how life is going for him recently, the future season of the team, and to share a very special announcement.

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murder hornet

Q101's Tyler Cronsilver chats with Diana Grimshire from Grimshire Apiary. She works closely with Bees, and provides more information firsthand on Asian Giant Hornets, or as they are being called, " Murder Hornets. "

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Q101's Roger White chats with Alison Kuzio of Merritt Central School about this Friday's (May 8 ) Student Parade by teachers and school staff. They discuss who they want their students to know how much they are missed.
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Q101's Roger White speaks with Leanne Pozzobon with regards to the cancellation of the Ty Pozzobon PBR in Merritt in June. They also discuss the history of the event and how the family is coping with Covid 19.

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245707 1600x1030 high school graduation day

Q101's Tyler Cronsilver chats with Merritt Secondary Senior Nick Willey about the possibility of no grad ceremony or dance for his grade 12 class, how his learning has been affected, and also plans for the future. Link below

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