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Listen: Cassandra Maze


The Q101 Spotlight was on Cassandra Maze today. A up-and-coming act out of Coquitlam and already she has done her fair share of travelling. We'll discover where all her hard work has taken her throughout the years and where you can see her next. Get to know Cassandra Maze with the Q101 Spotlight!

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Listen: Brendan Schneider

On today's BKC, Cents forward Brendan Schneider reveals how he became a Merritt Centennial and his impressions of the town so far, as well as a certain Team Fan Captain. We also play tic-tac-toe and Brendan takes us fans inside the dressing room to reveal a word that only the Cents use among themselves.

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Listen: Talking Cents


Jared Thomas recaps the Merritt Centennials week and looks forward to what's coming.
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Listen: Henry Celghorn

On today's episode of BKC, alternate captain of the Cents, Henry Cleghorn joins Jesse on the Afternoon. Find out what Henry was up to in the off-season, what he worked on, we'll play some tic-tac-toe, and Henry will let us know the word the vets use to describe the Centennial rookies.

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Listen: Fred Penner


Fred Penner joined Jesse on The Afternoon to discuss his fascinating career, the origins of Fred Penner's Place, where you can see him next, and exactly how many changes of clothes were in that log!

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Listen: Tyrell Buckley

Get to know the Merritt Centennials Captain Tyrell Buckley on this episode of BKC! Discover how he became captain, the added responsibility that includes. We also play a game of tic-tac-toe and of course, I try and make him laugh with a joke I heard.

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