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Q101's Tyler Cronsilver had a special guest on the show today. His brother Jordan who is visiting from Port Moody dropped by. They talked about how E-bus is running now post Covid, visiting Merritt for the first time ever, and what he's looking forward to most.

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Q101's Tyler Cronsilver was invited to Stump Lake for a tour of the lake to see the damage and destruction, and was able to get first hand knowledge from Debbie and Devon, and learn all about what it is like for them living there, and how they are coping with it. This is the full in-depth conversation with raw audio. Enjoy!

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( One of the many decorated floats at the 2019 Light-Up Parade. This year's Country Christmas festivies has been cancelled due to Covid-19 fears.)


Q101's Roger White chats with Merritt Country Christmas committee member Carrie Ware on the reasoning behind the cancelling of this years event.

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Q101's Tyler Cronsilver talks with President and CEO of Nicola Mines, Peter Espig. They discuss the situation of dust that's been an ongoing problem for years, how he got started in this industry, and more on how Covid has affected them.

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Francis Cops for Kids


Q101's Roger White chats with Cpl. Derrick Francis as he prepares to participate in this third Cops for Kids Bike Rally and pedal 1000 km in ten days.

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Q101's Tyler Cronsilver chats with the Manger of Rec and Facilities about new changes and plans for the reopening of the NVAC, and when to expect the reopening to happen.

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